Pay Perform Technologies

Pay Perform Technologies creates the tools and services that underpin products for our brands and for third party financial institutions.

Powerful products

A unified platform

Our products combine into a single, unified platform, which allows for frictionless currency management and payment processing.

By using the latest advancements in technologies and design, we are able to maintain high availability of systems, and robust processing.

Data analysis, in real time

Our bespoke data tools are seamlessly integrated into our platform, allowing for realtime analytics.

This data analysis allows you to glean vital information and insight, in order to optimise operational efficiencies and strategies.

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Connect to external screening solutions for client transaction monitoring and screening.
Client onboarding
Customisable digital onboarding service, based on your regulated entity and clients’ industry.
Cryptocurrency custody
Safe and secure storage for major cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency wallets
Wallets for receiving, sending & withdrawing major cryptocurrencies. Processed through our single clearing solution.
Cryptocurrency liquidity
Convert cryptocurrency via our institutional liquidity pools.
FX - Majors
Deliverable currency conversions on Spot and Forward basis. This includes fiat and crypto.
FX - Exotic
Convert exotic currencies through our global liquidity network.
Fiat eCommerce payments
Local fiat eCommerce payments in major developing markets.
IBAN accounts
Named corporate IBANs in 27 global currencies.
Payments engine
A single clearing solution for 27 global fiat currencies over SWIFT, SEPA, Target2, Faster Payments, CHAPS, BACS, Fedwire, US ACH and more.
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