CoinFlow has launched!
August 26, 2021

CoinFlow has launched!

Following strong growth in this area, we made the decision to launch a dedicated crypto payments product, to reflect our investment and belief in our platform and how much we expect it to continue to grow.

Here’s what you can expect from integrating our best in class product: 

  • Multiple coins - Accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies that fit your business, and your customers needs.

  • Instant exchange - Eliminate exposure to crypto price volatility with instant fiat exchange at accurate market rates.

  • Regulated settlements - Avoid difficult crypto exchange remittances with T+0 settlements, from our regulated entity.

  • Multiple processing options - Channel, invoice and batch processing to suit your requirements.

If this has wet your appetite, there is plenty more crypto-commerce fun over on our newly launched site:

We have poured mounds of energy and expertise into this new product, from its bright and bold logo, to the dedicated team working around the clock to ensure your payments needs are met, we are certain CoinFlow will take the market by storm and we can’t wait to watch! 

For more information and to book a meeting with one of our product experts, click here.

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